Multi-model Transport

    Pacific Asia Logistic Corp

    Customers can count on Pacific Asia Logistic Corp , for reliable, professional, safe and compliant global forwarding. Our highly skilled professionals combine flexibility and responsiveness with maritime shipping, engineering and global project management resources anywhere in the world.

    To ensure a safe, on-time and incident-free shipment, Pacific Asia Logistic Corp, plans for project success via the following measures:

    • Conducting detailed, country-specific port, route and bridge surveys and site reports to identify challenges and manage them in advance
    • Reviewing the market to find the right carriers and partners
    • Preparing lift plans and tie-down recommendations
    • Analyzing the shipment to determine whether outside dimensions and weight per piece can be reduced, which may allow us to expand carrier and routing options and to minimize transport and handling costs
    • Providing on-site representation during loading and unloading.


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